Classes for kids and teens


Pre-ballet classes are offered for kids 4  & 5, then ballet for ages 6-9. 

Please check our schedule for available classes.


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Hip-Hop is a popular dance style at ABC Dance Academy. Our youngest students start with mini hip-hop classes for boys and girls ages 4 & 5. Then Intro Hip-Hop classes for ages 6 & 7, and older kids and teens are divided into age groups and levels based on their previous dancing experiance.


Break-dancing classes for b-boys and b-girls meet once a week for group classes. Ages 6-9 will start as beginners. Also private lessons are offered to work on fundamentals of breaking. 

Tap dancing

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Toe taps, heel taps, shuffles... Our tap dancing classes are offered at this time as combo with ballet. Intro to tap for ages 5.5-7, and Level I for ages 6-8

Rhythmic Gymnastics

 Is you child full of energy? Can't stop doing cart wheels around the house? Loves to dance freely to upbeat music? Then try Rhythmic Gymnastics classes at ABC Dance Academy! We start with basic elements of ballet, gymnastics, and dance... To work on balance, flexibility, coordination, and strength. The goal is to also introduce ball or ribbon while improving hand-eye coordination. So give your child a chance to take a structured class while enjoying new challenges. Intro Level for ages 5.5-8, and Level I for ages 7-10.


Let the journey to an active, healthy life begin! Zumbini is designed to let adults and their little ones ages 0-4 wiggle, jump, dance, sing and learn together. 

These are music and movement classes with an exclusive Zumbini music and preps like shakers, drums, scarves are used during the classes. Mom or Dad joins in. Looking forward to having your Little Dancer in the next class at ABC Dance Academy!